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4 Ways to Pray for Newly Adoptive Families

4 Ways to Pray for Newly Adoptive Families

At Show Hope, we often say, “The adoption journey does not end the day a child is welcomed home; in fact, the journey—in many ways—is just beginning.” We invite you to join us and our Founders, Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman, as we pray for families who are just now welcoming home a child through adoption. Here are 4 ways to pray for newly adoptive families:

1. Pray for the Transition. 

When a child comes home through adoption, there is an adjustment period that occurs during the transition. Pray specifically for this transition period for these children and their families. Ask God to grant them many opportunities for connection, togetherness, and fun!

2. Pray for Financial Needs.

The adoption process can range between $25,000 and $50,000. This is simply outside the reach of many families. Pray that this financial barrier would not be a source of anxiety and stress for these families. Ask God to provide tangibly for these families in ways that will glorify him and strengthen the faith of families. (Learn more about Show Hope’s Adoption Aid and Medical Care grants today.)

3. Pray for Wisdom.

First, ask God to guide these parents and families as they navigate the uniqueness of caring well for children who have entered their homes through adoption. Also, pray that God would give you clarity in how to best use your time, resources, and gifts in supporting children and families who have been impacted by adoption within your own church or community. (A great place to start for families and their support systems is Show Hope’s annual Hope for the Journey Conference.)

4. Pray for Support. 

The adoption journey can be challenging and isolating for many parents and families. Pray for encouraging support systems to surround each new family. Many individuals can make up a support system, including extended family, church members, co-workers, and neighbors. Pray that all of these different people can come together to support families as they help restore hope to their children.

We encourage you to learn more about Show Hope’s Pre+Post Adoption Support work today. You’ll find resources and help for you and for families on the adoption journey. 

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