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Adoption Aid

Beyond Their Wildest Dreams

June 7, 2023

Four years into their process to adopt from Ethiopia, Marcus and Kayla Mackey received difficult news. The Ethiopian government was suspending all intercountry adoptions. Yet amid their confusion and heartbreak, Marcus and Kayla prayed for guidance. “We still wanted to adopt, and we still felt God saying, You have a son somewhere,” Kayla said. “Eventually,…

From the Exec Director

From Our Executive Director

May 31, 2023
From our Founders

From Our Founders

May 30, 2023
Medical Care

The Most Incredible Journey

May 23, 2023

When Taylor and TJ Mauldin welcomed home their daughter, Lizzy, from India in 2020, they knew she had a long medical road ahead of her, but they never anticipated what would ultimately become her diagnosis. Lizzy was born with hip contractures, knee issues, and bilateral clubbed feet, a condition the Mauldins had already experienced with…

Pre+Post Adoption Support

Words Matter: Choosing Words and Images That Honor Children

May 16, 2023

With our ever-changing media landscape amid often-divisive cultural movements, it is imperative for us to choose wisely words and images that honor children, particularly within the adoption and foster care communities. Whether we realize it, we have the opportunity to inspire and educate the larger population with the words and images we use to describe…

20/20 Campaign

1 Month. Nearly $390,000. More Than 45 Children & Families.

May 9, 2023

1 Month. Nearly $390,000. More Than 45 Children & Families. In April, we had the big goal of raising $350,000 in Show Hope Adoption Aid grants to help 45 children and families—all through our eighth annual 20/20 Campaign. Throughout the month, we introduced three families waiting to bring home their children through adoption. You can…

From our Founders

From Our Co-founder Mary Beth Chapman

April 20, 2023

To the parents and families who are waiting to welcome home their precious children from China …  I pray this letter finds you as peaceful and comforted as possible while you find yourself in this incredible wait to bring your beautiful children home.  The journey you are traveling, I am sure, has tested your faith…

20/20 Campaign

Meet the Fain Family

“The first 12 months of our adoption process were filled with paperwork, interviews, fingerprints, documentation, letters, references, trainings, education, home inspections, translations, notaries, medical and psychological evaluations … the list went on and the needle was always moving. Every task brought us one step closer to our son, and we could physically measure our progress…

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