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Adoption Aid

Connecting the Dots

July 21, 2020

Through Show Hope’s Pause Campaign, college student Leah Schnyders found an opportunity to change her friends, community, and the future The college years provide different opportunities and experiences for each student. For Wheaton College sophomore Leah Schnyders, they provide the opportunity to impact her peers, the adoption community, and the future.  Leah’s own history has helped…

From our Founders

What is Most True

May 29, 2020

The Hope That Sustains and Compels Us


For the Love of the Church

May 28, 2020

SEE how Show Hope’s Pause Campaign is impacting college students today … and in the future. Wendy Twit has been working with college students for more than 20 years. “I’ve felt my calling was to work with and mentor girls—college students—since I was in college,” Wendy said. “That was my heartbeat; that was my drive…


Hope for the Journey Conference

May 20, 2020

At the very core of who we are exists a deep desire and fundamental need for connection, belonging, and security found only within relationship.  The mutual exchange of love between the Father, Son, and Spirit is imprinted on the human soul—we bear the Imago Dei, “image of God.” As the creation narrative unfolds, God reflects…


How You Can Join Us in Prayer

May 12, 2020

At Show Hope, the greatest gift one could share or avenue of support to take is that of prayer. This is something we do not take lightly or spout off because it is the “right” thing to say. We stand firm on and are committed to the truth that prayer is, in fact, essential in…


Giving Tuesday Now is May 5!

April 30, 2020

In the midst of this challenging season our world is facing, a new day of generosity, unity, and gratitude has emerged. Giving Tuesday Now will take place on Tuesday, May 5, as an emergency response to the unprecedented global need caused by COVID-19. We are looking forward to using this special day to recognize God’s…

20/20 Campaign

Meet the Littmann Family

April 22, 2020

  We recognize that we are all living in a unique, uncertain time. Individuals are losing jobs, some of you included; families are feeling the impacts of COVID-19; and we all certainly feel a level of timidity and anxiety. At Show Hope, we are wrestling with how to proceed with our mission in such a…

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