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Hope for the Journey Conference

Hope for the Journey Conference Hosts, Presenters, and Speakers

February 22, 2021

Show Hope’s new Hope for the Journey Conference (formerly the Empowered to Connect Conference) premieres on Friday, April 9, with a broadcast period through Monday, May 31.  The Hope for the Journey Conference brings together teachers, practitioners, advocates, adoptive and foster care families, adult adoptees, and foster youth alumni to share knowledge, perspective, and encouragement…

Adoption Aid

Meet The Athman Family

February 18, 2021
Medical Care

Meet The Sumpter Family

February 10, 2021
Hope for the Journey Conference

Hope for the Journey Conference Learning Modules + Example Schedules

January 21, 2021

The Hope for the Journey Conference schedule will include five high-level learning modules based on the foundational principles of Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) along with a new teaching component, The Gospel + TBRI. Embedded within each learning module will be a “Going Deeper” teaching video on a select topic, and also included will be two…

Hope for the Journey Conference

Inside the Hope for the Journey Conference

January 20, 2021

In late spring of this year, Show Hope announced that our Empowered to Connect Conference is being recast and retooled as the Hope for the Journey Conference. Building on the knowledge and experience gained over the past years, the aim of this one-day simulcast event will be to guide parents and everyday caregivers to a…

Adoption Aid

Hope Renewed

January 4, 2021

In October 2019, Adrienne and Jordan Telman had just been matched with their daughter, Shai, and were preparing themselves to travel to South Korea the following summer to bring her home. But in the early months of 2020, the Telmans, along with countless other families pursuing adoption, held their breaths as the spread of COVID-19…


The Light Shining Through

November 23, 2020

wonder : a cause of astonishment or admiration When I accepted the role of Show Hope’s Executive Director, I never imagined navigating our organization through a global pandemic. And I realize I’m not alone in being confronted with a variety of uncertainties, ultimately demanding a new level of faith put into action. Yet here I…


The Knowledge Barrier

November 21, 2020

Many who have the ability to make a difference in the lives of waiting children do not take action because they are unaware of the need or feel helpless to do anything. Show Hope helps break down the knowledge barrier in several ways. First, our newly designed, thoughtfully updated, and easy-to-navigate website offers help…

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