Our Work

Our mission: To care for orphans by engaging the Church and reducing barriers to adoption.

Every child needs a family.

We believe that each child has the inherent, God-given right to be a part of a loving, caring family. Our work is dedicated to restoring hope to millions of children living as orphans by breaking down barriers between waiting children and loving families. For us, a holistic approach in regard to the spectrum of care needed is crucial, ensuring that each stage of development and need is addressed.

Adoption Aid

Every year, 81.5 million people consider growing their family through adoption. But less than one in 500 of those who consider it actually adopt. The financial barrier associated with adoption is one of the main reasons for this.

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Care Centers

Many children who have been orphaned live with serious medical needs. As we work to restore hope, we strive to meet these needs by supporting Care Centers in China that provide loving, attentive care for children with acute medical and special needs.

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Pre+Post Adoption Support

The adoption journey doesn’t end on the day a child is welcomed home. Many children who have been adopted have experienced abuse, trauma, neglect, and early attachment injuries.

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Student Initiatives

Students are today's world-changers and the next generation of leaders. They will carry on the movement to care for orphans. Show Hope’s Student Initiatives exist to develop student leaders who will change the lives of children around the world—today.

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