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Pre+Post Adoption Support

The Gospel on Display

Laurie Hart and family

When Laurie and Michael Hart first felt the call to adopt in January 2017, they specifically felt called to adopt a teen out of foster care. “Everyone thought we were crazy,” Laurie said. Not long after connecting with an agency, they came across the information for a teenager and felt she was the one they…

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Our Why in Embracing TBRI®

A Show Hope Adoption Aid grant recipient family hug and smile

“We love because he first loved us.” 1 John 4:19 God created us to be in relationship—at peace within ourselves, with him, and with others. And yet, with the fall of mankind into sin, we now experience the pain of broken relationships and the vulnerability of isolation. This is the painful reality for many children…

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Building Your Adoption Support Network

Adoption Support

From the beginning of your adoption journey, until long after your child has come home, there are different individuals and circles of support that will be important. Adoption is life-changing for any individual or family. Whether you are single or married, it is important to ensure that you have a strong support around you for…

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Setting Up Your Children for Success

Setting up your children for success

The following is an excerpt from “Created to Connect: A Christian’s Guide to the Connected Child.” Created by Dr. Karyn Purvis with Michael and Amy Monroe, “Created to Connect” serves as a dynamic resource for those looking to draw helpful, encouraging parallels between the Christian faith and the foundational teachings of Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®).…

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How to Help Calm Your Dysregulated Child or Teen

How to Help Calm Your Dysregulated Child or Teen

In our roles as parents and/or caregivers, we have all experienced moments when our children and/or teens find themselves in states of dysregulation or distress. In some instances, those states of dysregulation or distress involve no threat of danger or harm, but we must be clear-eyed to the fact that some moments could prove otherwise.…

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Incorporating TBRI® in the Classroom

Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI) is designed to meet the relational and developmental needs of children and teens impacted by trauma as well as the needs of the parents and caregivers who are seeking to help them thrive and flourish. TBRI considers the whole child—his or her brain, biology, behavior, body, and beliefs—and provides parents and…

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Who Am I? I Am Thankful.

TBRI Training

Here I am, sitting in a hotel conference room in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with, at least, 150 others. We’re all waiting for TBRI® Practitioner Training to begin, and I’m blown away by how many people are present. I had no idea what to expect going into this, but I was convinced there would be maybe…

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A Catalyst for Change

Her name may sound familiar to you, especially if you have followed her family’s story. For many, Shaohannah Hope Chapman is the first of three daughters Show Hope Founders Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman welcomed home through adoption. It was Shaoey’s adoption that served as a catalyst for the founding of Show Hope 20…

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TBRI® Correcting Principles: Understanding The IDEAL Response

Correcting Principles

Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI) is a care model designed to help meet relational and developmental needs of children and youth impacted by trauma. TBRI considers the whole child—his or her brain, biology, behavior, body, and beliefs—and provides parents and caregivers with practical tools and insight to help their child(ren) reach his or her highest potential.…

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