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4 Ways to Pray for Newly Adoptive Families

Show Hope exists to care for orphans and to restore the hope of a family to orphans in distress. When Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth founded Show Hope, they dreamt about the far-reaching impacts that the organization has today. As you partner with Show Hope through financial giving and support, also consider these four ways you can pray for newly adoptive families:

1. Pray for Transition

When a child comes home through adoption, there is an incredible amount of adjustment that occurs during the transition. Consider committing to pray specifically for the transition period for these newly adoptive families. Pray that they will have many opportunities for fun and togetherness! Ask God to provide them with kind, generous friends who can help support them on their journey. Click here for more information on supporting newly adoptive families.

2. Pray for Finances

Pray for adoption grants and other assistance to be provided for these families. Show Hope offers a variety of ways that you can give to Adoption Aid. As a sponsor, you can commit to giving $35/month toward orphan care and adoption grants. Click here for more information about providing adoption assistance through Show Hope.

3. Pray for Wisdom

There are so many ways to help care for adoptive families. Pray that God would give you clarity in how to use your time and resources to care for families and children in your community. Also, pray that the parents will have wisdom as they navigate the new world of parenthood.

4. Pray for Support

Pray for encouraging support systems to surround each new family. Many individuals can make up a support system, including extended family, church members, co-workers, and neighbors. Pray that all of these different people can come together to support families as they help restore hope to their children.

What are some other ways that we can pray for newly adoptive families?

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