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From Our Founders

Dear Show Hope Family, 

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Show Hope. To think, a little dream we had so many years ago is now a flourishing tree rooted deep in God’s still faithfulness is really quite astounding. And this year, as we celebrate and remember the past, we also look forward, with hope-filled expectation, to what God will do in the next 20 years.

We look to Show Hope’s cornerstone work, Adoption Aid, and stand amazed at the more than 8,400 children and families impacted. Our desire was to help 100 children and families, but God, as only He can, cast a much wider, deeper net. And we know that He is not yet finished. Show Hope’s Medical Care grants continue to take root as we rejoice with families like the Mauldins, who recently received another much-needed grant on behalf of their darling daughter, Lizzy Claire. And we continue to have the privilege of connecting with Show Hope’s Care Centers families and dream together of reunions to come. These families and the children they represent will always be precious to our Show Hope family.

We look to Show Hope’s integral Pre+Post Adoption Support work, where the third annual Hope for the Journey Conference premiered just last month (and is available through June 30!). We are in awe of the parents, caregivers, church communities, and professionals who are digging in to cultivate stronger connections with the children and teens entrusted to their care. We SEE you, and we admire you. It is hard but still worthy work! And as God continues to stir the hearts of today’s young leaders through Show Hope’s Pause Campaign, we are incredibly grateful for Him crossing our paths with Bethany Briley. She joined our Show Hope team almost a year ago and is leading the charge in engaging students in classrooms, on campuses, and through churches. It’s a small but mighty work and profoundly important for the future.

In closing, we are grateful to count you in our Show Hope family. Without your prayers and support, this work would not be possible, and with you by our side, we will SEE another 20 years of Show Hope! Thank you.

Together, we “shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!” (Psalm 27:13).

Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman


Show Hope

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