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The Best Job in the World

Kathy McKinney, David and Hannah Scudder, and their two children

Since 2006, I have had the privilege of assisting families in the process of adopting children. Nothing gives me greater joy than to read their stories, answer their questions, grieve with them in their disappointments, and rejoice with them when their children finally come home. For so many of the families, their greatest concern is the inability to cover adoption expenses, even though they are certain that God is calling them to step out in faith and commit to the financial requirement. I still remember that feeling … that fear when my husband and I started on our adoption journey. God was so faithful to provide what we needed to adopt two children domestically, which gives me the confidence to encourage others to trust in God’s provision. I’m grateful that God is still calling families to welcome children into their homes through adoption and also grateful that God calls his people to give generously to assist them.

It’s always exciting to call a family to notify them that they have received a Show Hope Adoption Aid grant, but it was especially meaningful to me recently when I was able to call Hannah and David Scudder. David was one of my favorite students when I was a ninth-grade English teacher. Since then, he has graduated, gone on to finish medical school at Vanderbilt, and is currently a resident at a hospital in Colorado. He also married Hannah, and they have a 4-year-old daughter, Margaret. Unfortunately, they have suffered from secondary infertility and longed for a second child. Last week, they adopted a newborn baby boy and named him Noah. The Show Hope Adoption Aid grant committee awarded them a grant to help with the cost of the adoption—and I was delighted to be the one to call David with that good news. I have the best job in the world!

Kathy McKinney, Manager of Adoption Aid

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