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Blessings Along the Way

We first introduced you to the Woller family, who were adopting from Burkina Faso, in April 2022 as one of the featured families of Show Hope’s 20/20 Campaign. Take a closer look at the Woller family and updates to their story.  Amber and Matthew Woller have always felt led to adopt, after both having different…

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A Weight Lifted

Aubrey and Ryan Bauer knew before they ever got married the Lord was calling them to adopt. They started dating in high school and continued dating through college, always staying on the same page about their future. After having their first two children, Ellory and Emmett, they knew it was time to start answering the…

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The Financial Barrier to Adoption

There are approximately 15 million children around the globe who have been orphaned. Here in the U.S. alone, there are more than 100,000 children in the foster care system who have had parental rights terminated. This global issue crosses international borders, racial divides, and economic classes. It impacts children from every walk of life, and…

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A Beam of Light

A Beam of Light

Beam of light. That is what Nolitha’s name means in Xhosa, one of the official languages of South Africa where she was born. And according to Jane and Aaron Littmann, her name could not be more accurate.  “Every photo we received of her [before bringing her home] proved that to be true,” Aaron said. “She…

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Ryan Neises

Ryan Neises and his wife, Kelsey, have been discussing adoption being part of their family story since marrying. During some of their initial research, they came across Show Hope and found it to be helpful in understanding the barriers to adoption and some of the challenges that they could potentially face. Ryan, who serves as…

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He Will Surely Do It

Chelsea Sobolik

By Chelsea Sobolik My husband and I knew before we were married that the Lord was calling us to build our family through adoption. When I was 18, I was diagnosed with a somewhat rare medical condition that prevents me from bearing babies biologically. The majority of people walk through childlessness as a married couple,…

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Running the Race Before Us

Lola Ho and her family

Lola Ho loves to run. She’s from a town just northeast of Nashville, Tennessee, that’s wild about cross-country running. And from time to time, if you happen to walk through a community grocery store with Lola, she’s recognized as a local inspiration. Lola, who is now 14 years old, is blind in both eyes, but…

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How Adoption Found the McCains

The McCain Duo

The McCain family doesn’t live a typical 9-to-5 lifestyle. Artina, a concert pianist, professor, and speaker, and Martin, a bass trombonist and educator, record and tour with each other. Together known as The McCain Duo, Artina and Martin have traveled the world performing and educating musicians. And much like their careers, their adoption journey is…

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Getting to Know Kate Johnson—Show Hope’s Manager of Adoption Aid

Kate Johnson - Manager of Adoption Aid

Recently, Show Hope Co-founder Mary Beth Chapman had the opportunity to sit down with Kate Johnson, Show Hope’s Manager of Adoption Aid.  Adoption Aid grants are the cornerstone of Show Hope’s work and the original vision of our Founders. Every year, countless individuals consider growing their family through adoption, but only a small percentage of…

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A Full Circle of Support

Stephanie and Michael Mann

From their earliest days dreaming of and discussing growing their family, Stephanie and Michael Mann knew they wanted adoption to be part of their story. In 2018, they began pursuing intercountry adoption. And with the help of a Show Hope Adoption Aid grant, they welcomed home their son, Estiven, from Colombia, in August 2019. “Estiven…

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