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Incorporating TBRI® in the Classroom

Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI) is designed to meet the relational and developmental needs of children and teens impacted by trauma as well as the needs of the parents and caregivers who are seeking to help them thrive and flourish. TBRI considers the whole child—his or her brain, biology, behavior, body, and beliefs—and provides parents and caregivers with practical tools and insights to help their child(ren) reach his or her highest potential. And, perhaps most integral, TBRI has connection at its core—the truth that connection builds trust, and trust builds healthy relationships. 

The TBRI model is built upon three guiding principles:

  • TBRI Connecting Principles: Create connections that disarm fear, gain trust, and enhance learning.
  • TBRI Empowering Principles: Strengthen learning and regulation by meeting a child’s physical and environmental needs.
  • TBRI Correcting Principles: Shape beliefs and behaviors effectively, so children and teenagers feel safe, protected, and empowered. 

Children who have experienced trauma need parents, caregivers, and communities who are insightful, prepared, equipped, and committed.

Watch as Diana Beach Batarseh and Jacilyn Goodwin, Head of School and Dean of Academics at King’s Academy in Nashville, Tennessee, discuss how they incorporate TBRI at their school and within the classrooms.

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