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Pre+Post Adoption Support

Sensory Integration Products and Favorite Fidgets

Children impacted by early trauma often struggle to manage information coming in through the senses. While some children may be sensory avoiding, others are sensory-seeking. The following are some recommended sensory-integration products along with some of our favorite fidgets. CapeAble Sensory Products (Weighted Blankets and Wraps) Harkla Indoor Therapy Swing for Kids Sensory Compression Bed…

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Hope for the Journey Conference Hosts, Presenters, and Speakers

Amanda Purvis

Show Hope’s new Hope for the Journey Conference (formerly the Empowered to Connect Conference) premieres on Friday, April 9, with a broadcast period through Monday, May 31.  The Hope for the Journey Conference brings together teachers, practitioners, advocates, adoptive and foster care families, adult adoptees, and foster youth alumni to share knowledge, perspective, and encouragement…

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Hope for the Journey Conference Learning Modules + Example Schedules

The Hope for the Journey Conference schedule will include five high-level learning modules based on the foundational principles of Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) along with a new teaching component, The Gospel + TBRI. Embedded within each learning module will be a “Going Deeper” teaching video on a select topic, and also included will be two…

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Inside the Hope for the Journey Conference

In late spring of this year, Show Hope announced that our Empowered to Connect Conference is being recast and retooled as the Hope for the Journey Conference. Building on the knowledge and experience gained over the past years, the aim of this one-day simulcast event will be to guide parents and everyday caregivers to a…

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“If God Tells You to Go, You Go”

Ask Liz Archambault what adoptive and foster care parents need most, and the answer, at first glance, may be surprising: Grace. “There’s that desperate desire as a parent to want to do right by your child, but it’s important also to be able to have grace for your kid and for yourself,” Liz said. “There’s…

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Hope for the Journey Conference Commonly Asked Questions

In late spring, Show Hope announced plans for its new Hope for the Journey Conference (formerly known as the Empowered to Connect Conference). The conference and simulcast is planned for Friday, April 9, 2021, with a rebroadcast period of April 16–May 31, 2021. The following are commonly asked questions, regarding Show Hope’s new Hope for…

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TBRIⓇ Practical Application Videos with Cindy Lee

The adoption journey doesn’t end the day a child is welcomed home. In many ways, it is just beginning. That’s why Show Hope is committed to providing families impacted by adoption and/or foster care with real, practical, tools to help their children thrive. Working in conjunction with Cindy Lee, licensed clinical social worker and co-founder…

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Hope for the Journey Conference

At the very core of who we are exists a deep desire and fundamental need for connection, belonging, and security found only within relationship.  The mutual exchange of love between the Father, Son, and Spirit is imprinted on the human soul—we bear the Imago Dei, “image of God.” As the creation narrative unfolds, God reflects…

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Helpful Parenting Resources for Adoptive & Foster Families Amidst COVID-19

Children who know the impact of trauma and early loss often struggle daily with fear, anxiety, and isolation. These emotions and feelings are most certainly heightened and triggered during this season of “safer at home” mandates and restrictions in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fear is real for us, as parents, so it must be…

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Exceedingly More

Carver Family

See Show Hope’s impact in the life of a family and the entire state of Louisiana. In November 2012, Kim and Kristyn Carver lay awake in their hotel room in Franklin, Tennessee, asking God a series of questions. After being introduced to Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman along with Scott Hasenbalg (Show Hope’s founding…

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