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From the Exec Director

Our First-Ever Fellowship Weekend Virtual Fundraiser is One Month Away!

In exactly one month, we will be gathering together for our first-ever Fellowship Weekend Virtual Fundraiser! We’re so excited to share stories, dream together, and remember God’s faithfulness to the work of Show Hope over the years. With a goal to raise $1.5 million, will you prayerfully consider giving a gift and coming alongside us…

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The Hope That Sustains and Compels Us

Dear friends, What a privilege and gift it is to be writing to you. I am grateful for you—for your unwavering prayers and support. The past few months, our world has looked dramatically different, to say the least. And while we are living in an uncertain time, you have continued to journey with us. Even…

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Dress-Up Day at Maria’s Big House of Hope

We recently received new dress-up clothes for our preschool class at Maria’s Big House of Hope. We were so excited for the children to dress up, so we invited some of the older kiddos into the preschool room for a little dress-up party! It took a little bit of prodding, but we were able to…

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Join us at our Fundraising Banquet!

Don’t we all want to be a part of the movement of God’s Spirit? I was reminded recently how God “does not dwell in buildings made by hands” (Acts 17:24) but rather that He dwells in us: “We are God’s house…” (Hebrews 3:6). Movements of God’s Spirit are not something we can create, but they…

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The Need is Still Great – #Give2Adoption

Every year we take the time in our communications to focus for a season on the area of our work that directly changes a waiting child’s status from “orphan” to “beloved daughter or son” – Adoption Aid Grants. Through a variety of stories shared through our blog in August, you have been given a glimpse…

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TOP TEN Highlights from 10 Years of Ministry: 1. Going National

God has shown His remarkable faithfulness on behalf of the world’s waiting children over these past ten years. Over the 10 days leading up to our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration in Nashville on May 25-26, I’ll be sharing ten moment that stand out to me from our beginning years: 1. Going National When Show Hope began…

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Adoption Tax Credit Continues!

UPDATE – JANUARY 4  – Read the official Save the Adoption Tax Credit working group press release here.  Good news to start off the year 2013! In light of the uncertainty of our nation’s fiscal situation, I am excited to announce that the Adoption Tax Credit that was due to expire at the end of…

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The Invitation

I suspect you still get junk mail at home just like I do. But once in a while, something special comes along, like a card from a loved one or an invitation to a wedding. The envelope is usually a different size and the address is handwritten so it is compelling to tear open. Now…

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H.R. 4373 – Making Adoption Affordable

All over the world, including here in the United States, millions of orphans are waiting, longing for a forever family to take them home. However, adoption can cost between $10,000, and $45,000, and many families with room in their hearts and homes are unable to overcome the financial barriers. Show Hope recognizes this need to…

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