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What’s Coming at the Hope for the Journey Conference 2022

“[This conference is for] pastors who are ministering to families and their kids, pastors who want to put action to their heartfelt desire that their churches are safe and welcoming places for families that are from different types of backgrounds. It’s for staff who organize ministries and events that serve both groups inside and outside the church, and it’s for children’s ministry teams—their volunteers that are engaging kids in a classroom setting, who want to be able to engage every kid wherever that kid is at. … ” 

Watch as our Founders, Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman, discuss this year’s upcoming Hope for the Journey Conference with Show Hope’s Emily Chapman Richards and Justin Myers.

Show Hope’s second annual Hope for the Journey Conference premieres April 8, with on-demand viewing through May 31, 2022. 

Church / Organization Host Price: $299
(Includes Unlimited In-Person Attendees + 30 Digital Attendee Passes)

Individual / Household Price: $149
(Includes Five Attendee Passes)

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