July Prayer Focus: Zion

July 3, 2017 | Posted In Care Centers | Share

We are so excited to introduce you to Zion.

He is an adorable 2-year-old boy, and he has captured all of our hearts. If he’s not in his room entertaining his nannies and friends, he’s in preschool making his teachers laugh. His pitter-patter down the hall is one of the sweetest sounds, and when he comes through the door he will always show off his bright smile.

He loves being silly, whether that’s putting on giant sunglasses, wearing a bucket for a hat, or making any toy into a pretend guitar. He never misses an opportunity to join in on all the songs with hand motions during circle time. His favorite song is “The Wheels on the Bus,” and he likes to perform it for the class.

He’s always willing to help out a friend—lending a hand with a craft project or sharing his snack. During playtime he enjoys pretending with fake food, playing doctor, or making silly faces in the mirror.

Zion was born with gastrointestinal and respiratory conditions, but through it all he is a fighter with a cheerful attitude. His infectious belly laughter is something you have to hear for yourself—when it fills the room, everyone else can’t help but join in.

We know God has big plans for Zion, and we are praying for him. We ask you to join us in praying for his continued health, and that he will soon know the love and security of a family through adoption.


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