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November Prayer Focus: Meet Lilyana

We are thrilled to introduce you to Lilyana! She is a light in our lives. 

Lilyana is 6 years old and has been in our care since she was a toddler. We have enjoyed getting to know all the little things that make her uniquely special. She was born with cerebral palsy, and she is such a hard worker. Her determination makes us proud. 

Her nannies are always happy to share what they’ve learned about her, and they continually compliment her strength and beautiful smile. The nurses, nannies, and staff all take delight in finding the best ways to help Lilyana reach her goals—they are her biggest cheerleaders. 

Lilyana has benefitted from attending preschool during the last few years and enjoys the musical instruments and playtime. Stacking rings, cups, and rattles are some of her favorite toys. Her laughter is so full of life that you can’t help but join in as the sound of her giggle bounces off the walls. 

Lilyana is joy and energy, all bundled up into a fiercely-loved little girl. Please pray with us that she—and every child who waits—will soon have the opportunity to enter the love and security of a family through adoption. 


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