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Meet the Yentsch Family

The Yentsch Family | 20/20 Campaign

The Yentsch family first began discussing their desire to adopt before they were married. Later, as Nathan and Lindsay prepared to move overseas for work, they discovered that it was unlikely they would be able to have children biologically. 

“We really wrestled with the Lord as we tried to decide if God desired for us to add to our family or not,” Nathan said. “However, one question we kept coming back to was, Why not? As we asked that question and attempted to answer it, our desire to adopt children into our family grew. We believe this was a gift from God and confirmation to our hearts that prompted us to begin this journey.”

In 2018, Nathan and Lindsay welcomed home their daughter, Amari, through domestic adoption. And today, with the help of a Show Hope Adoption Aid grant, the Yentschs are adopting domestically for the second time.

“[Adoption] reveals God’s goodness and mercy and grace to a watching world,” they said “However, amidst the joy we have experienced through adoption, there has been a deep and very real sense of sorrow. It seems to hit suddenly when we’d least expect it. It reminds us that things aren’t as they should be; things still aren’t perfect. Adoption is ultimately necessary because of great loss.”

In this season of waiting, Nathan and Lindsay have continued to trust God’s timing and deep love for them and their future child. 

“Again, and again, and again, we have experienced the promised blessing and sweet gift of peace from trusting God. It is our hearts’ most treasured possession as we journey through the uncertainty and unknowns of adoption,” Lindsay said. “Every big plan, every little detail, every hope, and every longing, God is working out for good. When our hearts begin to worry or our thoughts become anxious, he kindly reminds us of his deep, ever-seeing, always-knowing love … especially for our child. Whatever happens in this life, by God’s grace, we are learning to receive it with trusting hearts, knowing that it has passed through his pierced hands.”

You can be a part of helping change lives, like the Yentsch family, through this year’s Adoption Aid 20/20 Campaign. 

Will you join us? Together, let’s SEE where hope goes! 

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