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Meet the Littmanns

“It was a challenge to know there was a child who was potentially already born, but we couldn’t get to him or her,” Aaron Littmann shared. “But the Lord remained faithful.” 

In March 2021, Aaron and his wife, Jane, were matched with their daughter, Nolitha. A year later, the Littmanns received approval, travel dates, and a court date. Three months before their travel date, though, they received a call from their agency. 

“They originally told us we would be [in South Africa] for four to six weeks, but they were now telling us that we would instead be there for three to five months,” Jane explained. “It was a whirlwind getting it all ready, but God was good.” 

“The Show Hope Adoption Aid grant came right as we learned that we were going to be in South Africa for longer than expected,” Aaron said. 

“The things that we had been budgeting for and expecting, those costs grew exponentially, and that’s when the Show Hope grant showed up,” Aaron continued. “The grant made it possible, so we weren’t stressed about the finances and how much we were spending to be in the country. Instead, we could focus on our attachment with Nolitha and enjoying new life with her in our family.” 

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