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May Spotlight: Joseph

When you walk into the Tinkerbell-themed nursery at Maria’s Big House of Hope, you will most likely be greeted by Joseph’s winning personality, big smile, and stellar dance moves!

Joseph is a happy, lively little boy who keeps his nannies busy! He is 3 ½ years old and entered our care when he was 6 months old. He’s had our hearts from the first day we met him. Joseph came into our care with needs stemming from congenital heart disease and Down syndrome. Joseph is quick to make friends. He is brave, resilient, and doesn’t let anything stand in his way. He amazes us every day!

Joseph loves going to preschool, playing with his friends in the playroom and outside, but his favorite thing to do is dance and sing with his nannies and friends! His favorite song is a Chinese pop song, “Xiǎo Píng Guǒ” (Little Apple), that has a catchy beat, and Joseph’s nannies have taught him a dance to go along with it. He swings his hips and waves his hands along to the music, and finishes it off with a bow. Joseph is a great entertainer!

We get glimpses into Joseph’s sweet heart every day. He loves to blow kisses and give big hugs, and it is one of our greatest hopes that he would soon have the opportunity to shower those kisses and hugs on a loving family through adoption. Please join us as we pray this hope would soon become a reality.


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