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June Spotlight: Kiah

We are happy to introduce you to Kiah! She’s 8 years old, a great friend, and all-around wonderful. Kiah loves to shower her friends with hugs while patting them sweetly on the back. We love watching her curiosity as she continues to discover the world around her.

Kiah spends her mornings in preschool, and you can hear her excitement as she hurries down the hallway to the classroom. Although she seems to enjoy every part of preschool, her favorite toys to play with are the stuffed animals. You can typically find her curled up in her preferred reading position inside the classroom tent—feet in the air, surrounded by her favorite stuffed friends!

Another one of Kiah’s favorite preschool activities is dress-up. She always picks the long sparkly dresses—the more they twirl, the better! She’s great at practicing putting the dresses on by herself and we love to watch her independence grow.

Kiah is always ready to celebrate—whether by enjoying a delicious cupcake at a party or participating to the fullest in pool day. She gives 100 percent of herself and we love it!

Kiah came into our care at 3 years old with needs stemming from Down syndrome and a gastrointestinal condition. She is such a joy, and we are proud of her strength and love for life! Will you join us as we pray for Kiah to soon have the opportunity to enter a loving family through adoption?

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