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Medical Care

Understanding Health Insurance for Children Welcomed Home Through Adoption

Health Insurance for Children Home Through Adoption

Understanding how to navigate health insurance on behalf of your child can be challenging. Show Hope’s mission is to care for orphans by engaging the Church and reducing barriers to adoption. Those barriers include the financial barrier (addressed through Show Hope’s Adoption Aid grants), the medical barrier (addressed through Show Hope’s Medical Care grants), and…

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In the Nick of Time

Ashley and Justin Turney

Three-year-old Thaddeus Turney, affectionately known as Thad, loves to laugh and get others to laugh with him. One of his favorite jokes is to say, “Knock, knock,” and proceed to giggle with no punchline. And if you ask his parents, Ashley and Justin Turney, they describe him as the biggest, happiest-go-lucky trickster. “For everything that…

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A Weight Lifted

Aubrey and Ryan Bauer knew before they ever got married the Lord was calling them to adopt. They started dating in high school and continued dating through college, always staying on the same page about their future. After having their first two children, Ellory and Emmett, they knew it was time to start answering the…

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The Medical Barrier to Adoption

Many children who have been orphaned live with medical needs, with limited access to adequate healthcare. And once home, rising medical costs and access to treatment can be overwhelming for families. With a desire to address the medical needs of children who had been orphaned, we took a step back to listen, dream, and hope.…

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The Yates Family’s Story

Yates Family

In 2020, we introduced you to the Yates Family who received a Show Hope Adoption Aid grant in 2019. Earlier this year, we sat down with the Yates to learn more about their story, including the impact a Show Hope Medical Care grant is having on their daughter Ruthie.  This Christmas, we have strategically planned…

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What to Expect at Your Child’s First Doctor Visit

Whether your child is coming home through domestic or intercountry adoption, it is recommended that your child visits a pediatrician for a comprehensive medical evaluation once home. A doctor’s visit, especially a new experience, can be daunting for you, but it may be quite overwhelming for your child. The following are some tips and advice…

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Tips for Preparing Your Child for a Doctor Visit

Going to the doctor can be an anxiety-inducing activity, even for adults. Especially for children who have entered your family through adoption, who may be learning a new language, or who may have a complex medical history, a simple yearly checkup can be full of new, potentially scary experiences. Setting your child up for success…

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Meet the Waller Family

A little over a year ago, we brought home our daughter, Jubilee, from India. We wanted to say a heartfelt, “Thank you!” not only for the Adoption Aid [grant] but also for [the Show Hope Medical Care grant for] Jubilee’s therapy. When she was 3 years old, Jubilee was nonverbal and could not stand or…

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How to Find a Doctor for Your Child

Choosing a doctor for your child is not as easy as it sounds. When you stop to think about well visits, minor infections, and annual immunizations, finding a doctor for your child is quite integral to the overall well-being of not only your child but your family as well. It’s important to think of your…

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The Most Incredible Journey

When Taylor and TJ Mauldin welcomed home their daughter, Lizzy, from India in 2020, they knew she had a long medical road ahead of her, but they never anticipated what would ultimately become her diagnosis. Lizzy was born with hip contractures, knee issues, and bilateral clubbed feet, a condition the Mauldins had already experienced with…

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