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Care Center Impact: Meet Rylynn

We’re so happy for you to meet Rylynn!

She brings so much joy to those around her. Rylynn is a very active and happy little girl. She turned 3 years old this past summer, and she’s growing beautifully. Rylynn came into our care when she was just 6 weeks old, and we’ve been honored to love and care for her ever since.

Rylynn was born with a visual impairment, so she attends a school during the day that helps her develop skills she needs. One of her favorite parts of the day is putting her shoes on and strapping on her duck backpack to head out to school. She is giddy with excitement when her nannies tell her it’s time to go! During school she loves to run and play tag with her teachers.

Rylynn has always loved to jump and dance. Whenever someone holds her hands, her face lights up as she spins and dances around, usually on her tip-toes. We love her big, bright, and beautiful smile! As Rylynn grows older, she is becoming more independent, and her resilience is big, just like her determination. She shows her independence in the way she is learning to do things on her own, but she hasn’t outgrown snuggles from her nannies.

Rylynn is never short of curiosity. We are proud of how she is learning and growing. Will you pray with us that Rylynn would very soon have the opportunity to grow and blossom in the love and stability of a family through adoption?

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