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All 20/20 Campaign Gifts Matched up to $175,000!

For the past five years, in the month of April, we have invited thousands to be a part of impacting lives through our Adoption Aid 20/20 Campaign. And every year, the generosity of donors and supporters has left us astounded—and families changed forever.

To date, more than 250 children and families have been impacted by the financial gifts raised through the 20/20 Campaign. In total, we have been able to award $1,555,021 in Adoption Aid grants.

This year, in the wake of an unprecedented and often heartwrenching year for many of the children and families we serve, we have set a goal to raise $350,000, allowing us to impact more than 50 children and families.

We’re excited to announce that generous donors are matching gifts up to $175,000. That means, for the month of April, all gifts to Show Hope’s 20/20 Campaign will be doubled up to $175,000, meaning we have the potential to reach our $350,000 goal!

Will you join us?

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