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2024 Hope for the Journey Conference Schedule

Show Hope’s fourth annual Hope for the Journey Conference will be available Friday, April 5, 2024, with on-demand viewing through June 30, 2024.

With registration options available for Churches/Organizations as well as Individuals/Households, this conference encourages and resources parents, caregivers, and families meeting the needs of children entrusted to them through adoption and/or foster care. And twofold, the conference also serves churches and organizations in their ministries and support of children who are vulnerable and the families caring for them.

This year’s schedule will include four high-level learning modules based on the foundational principles of TBRI® (Trust-Based Relational Intervention®) along with a module focusing on The Gospel + TBRI, specifically exploring what it means to live out our faith in Christ in caring for children and teens both inside and outside the home. Embedded within each learning module will be a “Going Deeper” teaching video on a select topic as well as one encouraging “Practical Perspectives” video, featuring the voices of adult adoptees as well as adoptive and foster families.

Each host is able to decide how to present the content and how to organize breaks to best serve his or her group. Some example schedules are included below to provide ideas for how to organize your viewing. While all five modules of the Hope for the Journey Conference could be presented in one day, we encourage each host to think “outside the box” and make plans and a schedule that best suit the needs of your participants/attendees. As you plan and prepare, remember to include times for breaks, perhaps lunch, and certainly some time for discussion.

Learning Module 1: An Introduction to Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®)

(1 Hour 35 Minutes)

  • Teaching Session with Amanda Purvis (60 minutes)
  • “Going Deeper” topic to explore, What Is TBRI? with Daren Jones (30 minutes)
  • “Practical Perspectives” from Heather and Graham Dyer (5 minutes)

Learning Module 2: TBRI Connecting Principles 

(1 Hour 15 Minutes)

  • Teaching Session with Katie Rinaudo (60 minutes)
  • “Going Deeper” The Connection Journey with Pastor Marc Dickerson (10 minutes)
  • “Practical Perspectives” from Megan Strobel (5 minutes)

Learning Module 3: TBRI Empowering Principles

(1 Hour 15 Minutes)

  • Teaching Session with Sarah Mercado (60 to 70 minutes)
  • “Going Deeper” Connecting Through the Senses with Stacy Burrell (10 minutes) 
  • “Practical Perspectives” from Aphiwe Halston and Palmer Halston Williams (5 minutes)

Learning Module 4: TBRI Correcting Principles 

(1 Hour 15 Minutes)

  • Teaching Session with Kari Dady (60 minutes)
  • “Going Deeper” Big Behaviors, Big Needs with Naomi Strawhorn (10 minutes)
  • “Practical Perspectives” from Kara Capps (5 minutes)

Learning Modules 5: The Gospel + TBRI

(1 Hour 15 Minutes)

  • Connecting the Gospel + TBRI with Emily Chapman Richards (5 to 7 minutes) 
  • Teaching Session: TBRI in Our Day-to-Day with Lynley & Steve Jackson (45 minutes)
  • “A Homily of Hope” from Dr. Curt Thompson (10 minutes)
  • “Practical Perspectives” from Faith Community Church of the Nazarene (10 minutes)

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