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Hope for the Journey Resources

Find the resources you need for
Show Hope’s Hope for the Journey Conference.

Thank you for joining us at this spring's Hope for the Journey Conference! Your presence and participation speak volumes to the care and passion you have for serving well the children entrusted to you. We hope you will find the resources you need here.

Host Site Marketing Collateral

As you prepare to host the 2022 Hope for the Journey Conference, we hope you find these pieces of marketing support helpful and useful.


Host Site Map

As a registered host site for the 2022 Hope for the Journey Conference, you may choose to list your host site location on the conference map. Just complete this form, and we will get your site location added.


Technical Support

Technology is key to participating in or hosting the 2022 Hope for the Journey Conference. Please find some preliminary information in regard to technical support below, and note that more detailed information will be available in the coming months.


2022 Host Guide

With general conference information as well as tips and ideas for hosting, this guide will provide all you need for hosting at your church or organization.


2022 Conference Guide and Notebook

Show Hope recommends that each participant or family has access to the Hope for the Journey Conference Companion Guide + Notebook. This supplemental guidebook is an added resource to enhance the learning experience. 

Guidebook includes:

  • Key takeaways from each of the five learning modules
  • Practical application activities
  • Space to record notes



2022 Schedule

Each host is able to decide how to present the content and how to organize breaks to best serve his or her group. Click below for example schedules to follow for this year’s Hope for the Journey Conference.


2022 Learning Modules

With new faces, new stories, and new insight, the 2022 Hope for the Journey Conference will structurally mirror the 2021 conference with five high-level learning modules and opportunities to go deeper on select topics within each module topic. We will also continue to build on Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) principles and how those principles intersect with our faith. 


2022 Conference Slides

As you view the conference, you can access the speaker presentations* to follow along as they are presented, or download them to your desktop or mobile device for future reference.

(*Note: Videos and some photos cannot be made available due to privacy concerns).


Trauma Competency Continuum

By taking active steps to move along the Trauma Competency Continuum, developed in partnership between Show Hope and Empowered to Connect, a church or faith community becomes trauma informed—making a commitment to pursue hope, healing, and restoration through implementing compassionate, supportive policies and practices.


Did you miss the 2022 Hope for the Journey Conference or want to share what you learned with others?

Audio of the teaching sessions are available for purchase and download below!

Helpful Tools

Adoption Aid Grants | The Mackey Family

2022 Practical Application Guides

Download questions, reflections, action steps, and activities that correspond with each Learning Module to practically guide you through the content.



Created to Connect

Created to Connect Digital Study Guide

This resource was created to illuminate the biblical principles that serve as the foundation for the philosophy and interventions detailed in The Connected Child.




Considering the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can provide a window into the developmental impact of relational trauma.






Sensory Integration Products and Favorite Fidgets

Children impacted by early trauma often struggle to manage information coming in through the senses. While some children may be sensory-avoiding, others are sensory-seeking. 

Here are some recommended sensory-integration products along with some of our favorite fidgets. 



Hope for the Journey Conference 2022 Evaluation

We want to hear your feedback, so we can keep improving our content and logistics. Please take a few moments to complete the evaluation. It will be much appreciated!

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