July Prayer Focus: Meet Quianna

July 1, 2019 | Posted In Care Centers | Share

We’re happy to introduce you to Quianna. She has the sweetest soul, and we love spending time with her.

Since coming into our care, Quianna has grown into a gentle and loving 8-year-old. She delights in affection and will smile from ear to ear when you call her name or give her a kiss. She is content to sit on your lap and snuggle her head on your shoulder but giggles with glee when she dances to music in a friend’s or nanny’s arms. 

She enjoys playing in her room and attending physical therapy or preschool. In preschool, she loves to play with the musical instruments and hit the keys on the piano. In physical therapy (PT), Quianna is doing well. Her physical therapist says she enjoys going to the PT gym to bounce on the trampoline or practice using tactile tiles, building her confidence to move around the room. 

Quianna was born with visual impairment and a nervous system condition. She is a beautiful reminder of hope and resilience. We are praying for Quianna to continue to grow into the kind, confident girl she is, and we pray she will soon be welcomed into a secure and loving family through adoption.

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