June Spotlight: Meet Sapphire

June 17, 2019 | Posted In Care Centers

Meet Sapphire! We have adored this beautiful girl since she came into our care at 2 years old. Now, Sapphire is 3, and we’ve loved watching her grow, learn, and explore the world around her.

Sapphire lives at Maria’s Big House of Hope. She came into care with a condition that affects her face and hands. She spends her days playing with toys and friends and being loved and snuggled by her nannies.

Twice a week, Sapphire goes to preschool. She enjoys music time and likes to play with the piano and bells. Sapphire is great at doing handprints with paint, and she often rubs the paint between her fingers to feel how cold, wet, and gooey it is.

Everyone around her loves Sapphire’s giggle and smile. She is strong and gentle and a joy to have in our care. Our prayer is that Sapphire would soon have the opportunity to know the love and nurture of a family through adoption. Thank you for coming alongside us in this prayer.

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