May Spotlight: Meet Rody-Marcio

May 15, 2019 | Posted In Care Centers

Meet Rody-Marcio. We fell in love with his handsome face the first day we met him as a small baby, and our love has only grown. Since then, he’s been showing us how much personality he has. He’s sweet, courageous, and fun.

Rody-Marcio came to us with needs stemming from an inherited condition. He spends his days being silly and making his nannies and friends laugh. With his enthusiasm and curiosity, he keeps his nannies busy. They are proud of his resilience.

When he plays, he loves blocks and bubbles. The falling of towers or popping of bubbles makes him giggle and want more. In preschool, he has learned a few basic signs in sign language like “please” and “more.” He’s started to use these with his nannies, and it helps them to know his needs. Expressing himself isn’t hard, though, as he’s an imaginative 2-year-old. He loves to entertain the babies in his room or help his nurses on their rounds by handing them what they need.

Rody-Marcio is a helper, snuggler, and entertainer. He is as courageous as he is tender. Thank you for your support and prayers. Please pray with us that Rody-Marcio would soon have the opportunity to enter a loving family through adoption.

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