April Prayer Focus: Meet Delfina

April 1, 2019 | Posted In Care Centers | Share

We’re excited to introduce you to Delfina. She is a bright and determined 4-year-old who has stolen our hearts. She’s curious and playful, enjoys learning, and loves to cuddle. We’ve had the opportunity to watch her grow over her time in our care, and we are proud of how far she’s come.

Delfina is always ready to play with friends. She’s happy whenever someone comes to her room for a few high-fives and tickles. Every evening she patiently waits for her nanny to tell her it’s time to turn off the lights—she’s proud of herself as she presses the switch and eagerly awaits a high-five for her job well done.

She works hard in physical therapy and enjoys walking with the help of her physical therapist and nanny. Delfina was born with Down syndrome and congenital heart disease, and she has continually shown us how brave she is.

We love getting to know and care for Delfina, and we love getting to share some of her story with you. Please join us in praying that Delfina will have the opportunity to enter a loving family through adoption.

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