December Prayer Focus: Meet Laranda

December 3, 2018 | Posted In Care Centers | Share

Laranda is a sweet 4-year-old who brings joy to those around her.

Laranda came into our care when she was a few weeks old with needs stemming from cerebral palsy. She was such a cute baby and we’ve loved watching her grow into a beautiful little girl.

In preschool, Laranda loves anything musical. Her favorite things to play with are the toy piano and jingle bells. She enjoys listening and dancing to music and rocks back and forth with the songs. Laranda also loves touch and feel books. Her favorite is the one with puppies and kittens. She can’t get enough of their soft fur.

When she’s in her room, Laranda loves to spend time with her friends and is always ready to join in when she hears others giggling. She likes to snuggle, and you can see the joy on her face when she’s being tickled.

We adore this precious girl and pray that someday soon she will have the opportunity to enter the love and care of a family through adoption. Will you please join us in this prayer?

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