November Prayer Focus: Meet Kathleen

November 1, 2018 | Posted In Care Centers | Share

Kathleen is a darling 2-year-old, with a beautiful smile and an even more beautiful spirit. Since arriving at Maria’s Big House of Hope with a diagnosis of congenital heart disease, we have seen this sweet girl blossom. Now living at the Beijing Care Center, Kathleen spends her days strolling the halls with her nannies, playing outside, swimming in the pool during the summer months, and showing us her personality a little more each day.

In preschool, Kathleen enjoys circle time, singing songs, and watching her teacher. She’s very observant—always taking everything in, studying the way things work, or watching a friend play. Although she enjoys observing, she’s also willing to join in on the fun! Her favorite group activity is playing ‘Ring Around the Rosie’ with her friends and building with LEGOS®.

Kathleen is a warrior. She’s resilient, tenacious, and she inspires others every single day. We enjoy spending time with her and watching her grow. Her sweet smile and warm hugs make our days a little brighter, and we are so honored to have the opportunity to care for her.

Our hope is that Kathleen will have the opportunity to know the love and security of a family through adoption. Will you join us in this prayer, and for her continued health as we enter the winter season?

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