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July Prayer Focus: Meet Stephen

Stephen is a smart and charming almost 6-year-old, and we’re excited for you to meet him! We love his gentle and sweet personality and count it a joy to care for him.

One of Stephen’s favorite parts of the day is attending preschool class. He loves to be sung to and he claps along with his friends during song time in class. Stephen enjoys doing all sorts of activities like crafts and reading, but his current favorite is playing with Magna-Tiles®. He loves to construct towers of squares and triangles with his friends. They like building with the tiles, but their favorite part is knocking all the tiles down afterward. They squeal with delight each time! Stephen is also great at helping to clean up when he finishes playing.

Stephen came into our care at 1 month old, and we have absolutely loved watching him grow and blossom into the bright little boy he has become. He is learning sign language with his nannies, where he’s proving once again how smart he is. He signs “please” for his favorite goldfish snack, and he waits excitedly for “one little, two little, three little goldfish” to be counted out so he can quickly eat all of them at once!

When we think of Stephen we think of a sweet little boy who loves giving and receiving “bào bào” (hugs), and riding around piggyback while playing outside! Stephen was born with an eye condition and hearing impairment, and we’ve loved caring for him as he grows up. He is wonderful, and it’s one of our greatest hopes for him that he would soon have the opportunity to join a loving family through adoption. Will you join with us in praying for Stephen?

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