May Prayer Focus: Meet Bridgett

May 1, 2018 | Posted In Care Centers | Share

Look at this darling girl! 6-year-old Bridgett is a beam of light at Maria’s Big House of Hope, and we’re excited to introduce you to her.

Since being in our care, Bridgett has brought so much joy and laughter to her nannies, friends, and anyone who meets her. She has a big personality and has quickly become the “queen” of her nursery and preschool class!

In her nursery she enjoys looking through books, playing with toys, and being a great helper to her nannies. Bridgett has a kind heart and watching her interact with the younger children in her room is so sweet! She loves to hold and snuggle the babies in her room, help the nannies feed them, and pat the babies’ backs while they sleep.

Bridgett is the fearless leader of her preschool class. She has the schedule memorized and is the first one to clean up the toys and gather everyone for circle time. She knows where the snack drawer is and she’s very helpful when passing out crackers to her classmates. Always fully engaged, Bridgett loves to mimic the teacher during songs and stories or when using sign language. She is so smart! We love seeing her progress in so many ways—both in class and with daily tasks.

She’s a quick learner and enjoys working on her colors by repeating them back to the teacher or signing them. When Bridgett has accomplished a puzzle or cooked a delicious pretend meal, the look on her face and the accompanying giggle would make anyone’s day!

Bridgett was born with Down syndrome and congenital heart disease. We’re very proud of her resilience, and we love every part of her. Will you join us as we pray for this wonderful girl to soon have the opportunity to enter the love of a family through adoption?

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