January Prayer Focus: Amos

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Amos - January Prayer Focus

We’d like you to meet Amos. At almost 6 years old, he is excited to learn about the things around him. As soon as he finds something new, he turns it over, looks at all sides, and then sees if it can open or stack. If it can, he lines everything up and makes sure it’s perfect!

He uses that same attention to detail during craft time in preschool. He loves to paint, glue, draw, or put together just about anything. He’s recently learned how to master the scissors, and enjoys crafts that require their use.

Amos was born with spina bifida and a hearing impairment, but that doesn’t hold him back from sharing his talents or loving others with his kind heart.

Amos playing in preschool.

This school year, Amos has had the opportunity to attend a private preschool class where he can practice sign language with his teacher. He’s learned how to ask for food and water, say please and thank you, copy signs for animal names, and ask to play with Play-Doh—which is his favorite pastime. His nannies have all learned a few basic signs to help him continue to learn how to communicate. We’re all so proud of how far he has come, and how much he continues to learn!

Amos wearing a chef's hat.

One of Amos’ favorite things to do is attend parties. Whether it’s a pool day in the summer, a fall festival, or one of our monthly birthday parties, Amos is always there with a smile on his face. He’s never one to turn down a cupcake or candy, and he especially loves it when there are stickers involved. Amos has such a fun attitude that you can’t help but smile when he flashes his grin toward you and wheels over to play.

This month we are praying for more opportunities for Amos to grow his communication skills, and, more than anything, for him to soon know the love and security of a family through adoption.

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