May Spotlight: Savannah

May 19, 2017 | Posted In Care Centers | Share

Savannah is full of joy. She brightens up every room she enters at Maria’s Big House of Hope. We are so excited to give you a small glimpse into the life of this special girl.

Savannah is 5 years old. She’s spunky, and has a bright, winsome smile. When she laughs, she scrunches up her cute nose and her eyes smile along. Savannah is full of life, and she loves to go to parties. Eating cake is her absolute favorite part—she lights up when cake is around!

On most days, Savannah receives physical therapy, which is very helpful for her because she was born with cerebral palsy. The therapy team works with her to help make her stronger. Savannah is smart, and she is talkative in her own way, even though she’s not completely verbal. She loves her “gē gē” (her nickname for a friend who helps in preschool), and calls his name often. She lights up whenever he’s around.

In preschool, Savannah enjoys playing with bubbles. She giggles with pride when she blows them all by herself. Savannah not only likes to play in class, but she also likes to learn. She’s  bright and learns quickly. She repeats the alphabet with her teacher, and has been quick to catch on when using additional language resources. We’re hopeful that Savannah will soon have even more tools to help her communicate better.

Knowing Savannah is a gift, and our hope is that she would soon come to know the love, protection, and permanency of a family through adoption. Please join us in praying this for her!

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