Small Moments: Meet Kale

April 20, 2017 | Posted In Care Centers | Share

Kale is a bright 2-year-old boy who we have the opportunity to care for.

We adore him, and so does anyone who meets him. Kale is silly, fun, and brilliant! He loves to learn new things. Right now he’s learning about animals, and he knows a lot of them by their English names. He is also fascinated by airplanes and loves to watch for them out the window.

Kale was born with a number of medical needs that include a urinary tract condition, but he’s proven over and over again to be a fighter. Right now he is being cared for at a hospital in Hong Kong, accompanied by a nurse from our Care Centers. Kale is receiving medical care from MedArt, an organization that often comes alongside our efforts in China to help provide medical care and surgeries for children in need. We are so grateful for their continued love and labor over the years, which has greatly impacted many who have been in our care.

Kale is all things sweet and silly, and his kindheartedness reminds us of Jesus’ love for him. It’s our great hope that Kale would soon know the love and protection of a family through adoption.

Would you please join us in praying for this as well as praying for his health?

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