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Using Social Media For Good

Using Social Media Well

We’re a technology obsessed society. Americans spend 4.7 hours a day on their phones, which is one-third of the time we are awake. And, lest we jump to conclusions, this isn’t just a young person problem. The highest average time spent glued to a phone is seen in people ages 25-54.

This is an all-of-us problem.

But just because we have an addiction to our screens doesn’t make them inherently evil. Rather, it’s means we are using them wrong. For all of the pitfalls of social media, the problem isn’t in the device. It can be used for bad, and it can be used for good.

Here are some ways you can use it for good.

Think before you post.

In Philippians 4:8 Paul instructs his readers to think of things that are right, pure, lovely, and admirable. Perhaps we should post about these things as well. Rather than use social media to to spread anger and frustration, it can be used to spread a message of love and hope.

Before you share, ask, “Is this life-giving? Is this helping anyone? Is this right, pure, lovely, and admirable?”

Promote justice.

This is the best communications tool in the history of the world, so let’s use it to spread a message worth sharing. There are many people and organizations doing great, life-changing work. One way you can aide in this work is by spreading the message with your platform. Using social media to advocate for justice is worthwhile and good.

Sharing a status shouldn’t be the end of your work for justice, but it can be a part of it. If done right, it can help make a difference.

Don’t find your identity in it.

Movements begin in individual hearts. Lives change when people change, and that’s why it matters where you find your identity. Self-worth based on social media is tethered to the approval of others. The world needs individuals whose identity is found in unending and steadfast love, in hope despite darkness, and in the glory of God.

You are not how many likes you get. You are not how many followers you have. You are much more than that. When we grasp our inherent value and dignity, we can begin to better play our part in working for justice and helping others.

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