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August Prayer Focus: Raines

When he was just 13 days old, a sweet baby boy named Raines was welcomed to Maria’s Big House of Hope. Upon his arrival, he was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal condition.

Raines is now 2 years old and is a very enthusiastic and energetic little boy. He is always on the move and loves to explore his surroundings. Raines is curious and likes to figure out how things work. He is such a smart boy and has been learning a lot in preschool. Every day he is speaking more and learning new words. We are so proud of the progress he has made!

Although Raines is an explorer, he is also a very cuddly little one. You can often find him snuggled up with one of his nannies in his room. Raines has such a great relationship with his nannies. He is always playing or sitting with them. He loves to make silly faces at them to try to make them smile.

We love getting the opportunity to care for Raines and watch him grow. Please join us in praying for Raines as he recovers from a recent surgery. We pray that he will continue to be healthy, and that he will soon know the love of a family!

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