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4 Small Ways To Make A Big Difference

You can’t do everything.

It’s a simple truth, but it’s hard to accept. You alone can’t solve the whole orphan crisis, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help make a difference in a child’s life. We have a staff devotion time each week at the Show Hope office. During a devotion time last month, the speaker encouraged each member of the staff to only do what God has called them to do.

God has not called you do everything. But God has called you to do something.

Maybe one of these four things is your something.

Drink Coffee At Home

It seems silly, we know. But this will add up. Let’s say, on the low end, you spend $2.50 on a cup of coffee four times a week. If you commit to saving that money instead, you’ve just saved enough to impact the life of a child by becoming a monthly Show Hope sponsor.

When you do that, you help children in our Care Centers in China continue to receive the loving, attentive medical care they so desperately need.

And all it takes is a few cups of coffee a week.

Commit To Daily Prayer

We believe that prayer is powerful. We don’t just pray because we are supposed to. We pray because we believe in a God who listens and answers.

If you’re unsure of what to pray for, we’d love to help you out. Here’s a curated list of ways you can join us in prayer.

Research The Needs Of Your Local Foster Care Providers

The orphan crisis also exists in America. Hundreds of thousands of children are living without the security of a family right here. Most likely, there are many children in the foster care system in your home town.

Research your local foster care  providers to see what you can do to care for these children.

Tell Others About The Need

How will they care if they do not know? Many people go their entire lives without knowing there is a need. Bring it up. Share it. Help compel your community to action—there are so many ways to help!

Be a voice for those who often go unheard by advocating on their behalf. Inform those around you, and then get involved in the movement!

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