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The Willet Family: “The Lord Carried Us Through”

The Willet Family recently brought their son home from Ghana with the help of a Show Hope grant! Below, they share their inspiring adoption testimony and describe how God carried them through the journey.

Willet Family

After spending a year of service in Haiti after the earthquake, we knew the Lord was calling us to start a family. We had been married for more than three years and were told the only way we could have children was through medical intervention, so we decided to move forward with the adoption process. After many delays and difficult periods of waiting, the Lord did something we did not expect. We received an email from a friend about a baby born in Ghana who needed a family. Several months later, we submitted our paperwork and traveled to Ghana to meet our son, Evans.

Evans was six months old, very malnourished, recovering from malaria, and had tested positive for HIV. After three days in Ghana, Evans was placed in our custody throughout the remainder of our stay. We spent a total of 8 months in Ghana caring for Evans. The Lord carried us through those months and blessed us with a sense of peace and comfort. One of the most difficult parts of our journey happened when Ghana suspended adoptions while we were there. Thankfully, we were able to gather all of our documents in one week – a process that should have taken three months! After an hour in court answering questions from the judge, he congratulated us and announced our son Evans Willet. Praise God!

When we first met him, Evans was very sick. We had to do a lot of blood work in order to determine the best treatment plan. After a series of tests, he continued to test positive for HIV. In his last test before we returned to the United States, it came back negative! After arriving back home, we completed more extensive tests and no HIV was found! We praise God for healing Evans’ body.

We are so thankful for Show Hope and all their generous sponsors and donors. The grant we received was the exact amount we needed to pay off the last of our adoption expenses!! We plan to adopt again and look forward to seeing what the Lord will do through the process.

— Jeremy & Kathleen Willet

Willet Family



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