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VIDEO: Meet the Ewers Family

The Ewers Family


Adoption had been on both Alex and Andrea Ewers’ hearts for years. Their journey to care for vulnerable children began in 2015 when they became foster parents. While fostering, they began looking into adoption, and God opened their hearts to the needs of orphans in other countries.

“Our main reason for not pursuing adoption earlier was finances,” Andrea said. “But in the fall of 2017, God made it obvious that we needed to stop giving excuses about why we couldn’t and start having the faith that he can.”

Now as they wait to bring their son, William, home, they’ve been learning to trust that God is at work, even though they may not understand his timing.

“[God] doesn’t waste time,” they said. “This time of waiting has a purpose, and we have been preparing our hearts and home so that when we do get to hold our son, we will be in the best position to adjust and attach with him.”

You can help the Ewers family bring their child home by joining the Adoption Aid 20/20 Campaign. Not everyone is called to adopt, but everyone is called to do something.

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