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The Friesen Family

Friesen family

This family is a part of Show Hope’s 20/20 Campaign. The goal is to help 20 children come home by raising funds for Adoption Aid grants for 20 families, all in one month.

Adoption first entered Natalie’s mind in the 5th grade, but she couldn’t have imagined how it would play out in her life. Natalie and her husband, Bruce, have had the opportunity to be foster parents for 17 children and have one daughter by birth named Ellie. While they have been open to adoption throughout their time serving in foster care, God is now leading  this family to pursue the adoption of a child from Peru.

After several years of working with the state through foster care, Bruce and Natalie decided to pursue adoption internationally. This decision came with a lot of questions, but they stepped out in faith.

“Praying through this one night, Natalie felt God’s peace that things would work out,” they shared. The financial burden associated with international adoption was especially concerning, as it is for so many people. “But Natalie started looking into some other avenues the next day and felt led to look into adoptions from Peru.”

Peru was especially exciting because this is the country where Natalie and Bruce met, and where Bruce grew up. In fact, it was while taking a walk in Peru after becoming engaged that they began talking about adoption and how it would impact their lives. Now, life is leading them back to the country where their journey together began.

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