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Ripple Effects

An image of Steven Curtis Chapman posing and smiling with Aiden Chabert
Aiden Chabert and Steven Curtis Chapman

Central China and South Louisiana are a world apart, but the connection between the two will have ripple effects for generations to come.

The Lord placed the call to adopt on our hearts, and our journey began. We were led to Central China, where we were matched with a 19-month-old boy. He had spent the first five months of his life in a government orphanage and then moved to Maria’s Big House of Hope—Show Hope’s former flagship Care Center in Luoyang, China. Four months before his travel with us back to the U.S., he went back to the orphanage where his life began.

It was during this time, just before Aiden officially became a member of our family, that we noticed his deep compassion for others, even at his young age. Aiden had spent a few days in our care, and we went back to his city to tour the orphanage where he would spend his final months in China. Upon handing him over to the caretakers, he was placed among other children to play. Aiden noticed a younger child on his hands and knees. He walked over and shared a small piece of bread he was holding in his hand. His caring heart was shown to us at that moment. We know the care he received at Maria’s Big House of Hope was reflected in not only this small gesture but in the gestures we continue to see from Aiden. This is where our relationship with Show Hope began. 

Our family started volunteering at Steven Curtis Chapman concerts in Louisiana. Two years ago, one of those concerts would touch the heart of Aiden and open the door to the depth of his selflessness toward—and our gratitude for—the work of Show Hope. We listened as Steven shared stories about the work Show Hope had done through Maria’s Big House of Hope—where Aiden spent most of the start of his young life. I watched as Aiden listened, and I witnessed a tear roll down his face. Later that evening, we went backstage. The first thing Aiden said to Steven was that he was never going to take another gift for his birthdays. His plan moving forward was to donate every one of his birthdays to Show Hope through giving in place of receiving gifts. 

An image of Steven Curtis Chapman posing with the Chabert family and holding a check as a donation to Show Hope
Aiden ‘donating his birthday’ to the work of Show Hope in 2014 alongside the Chabert family and Steven Curtis Chapman

Aiden has raised nearly $3,000 from three separate birthdays in lieu of gifts. These proceeds went directly to Show Hope. We offer him the option to accept gifts, and we ask if he’d like to choose another charity. Every time, he chooses Show Hope. He told us that he wants to make sure that this money can be used to help other families adopt.

While we knew our adoption journey would take us to places we never expected, we did not know that this journey would allow our family to continue to work with Show Hope to impact the lives of so many other adoptive families and children. We get to continue making ripples. 

Left: Aiden fundraising for Show Hope in 2014 | Right: Current photo of Aiden

We truly believe that the seeds of love, compassion, courage, and empathy were sown in Aiden through the loving care he received while living at Maria’s Big House of Hope. We see every day the way these seeds have continued to bloom and prosper in our family through Aiden. This is our own garden of gratitude, and it will remain an integral part of our lives, as we continue in adding to it. We will always, always, Show Hope. 

— The Chabert Family

Donating your birthday is a unique way to support the work of Show Hope and help break down barriers between waiting children and loving families.

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