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Remembering Maria

Remembering Maria Sue Chapman

This day holds a lot of emotion for our founders and the extended Chapman family. As someone who has had the privilege of walking alongside them during this season, I am astounded at how they have become even more committed to the orphan cause than what I would deem to be an already highly committed family. As it has been said, they would have every right to hang it up and call it quits, but as Steven Curtis Chapman often quotes “For Christ’s Love compels us…” (2 Corinthians 5:14). Considering we know where Maria Sue Chapman is with a perfectly new body and the best seat in the house, may we take this opportunity to rejoice in the beauty that has come from the ashes as a result of God’s sacrificial, compelling Love.

Her legacy of hope and healing is just beginning and is far-reaching beyond what we even know and can imagine. I am not even referring to a building being named after her and the profound work inside it, but rather the work that took place and is taking place inside the hearts of hundreds of people through her story then and through her story now. She left an enlightening message behind for her family. Not just her immediate family, but for the body of Christ family at large. SEE! “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” To SEE the unseen, means to insert faith when the clouds have not yet parted. When the pain in our suffering goes beyond what our frail “self” can bare, insert faith as the bridge builder to healing. Then, faith becomes our compass always pointing to True North navigating us through the land mines of this earthly life. There is a secular saying which is “seeing is believing” and while there is truth in it, the greater truth is that ‘faith is believing’ – believing in what you cannot see which brings so much into focus, including the 20/20 vision we acquire when we experience the goodness of the Lord through trials and sufferings.

Remember with us!

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