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Pause Campaign: Frequently Asked Questions

Pause Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

Show Hope’s Student Initiative, Pause Campaign, is a seven-day social media fast where high school and college student groups study devotional content designed to educate them on the needs of orphans, equipping them to impact the lives of waiting children today. The following are some Pause Campaign Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the week of Pause Campaign entail?

The week of Pause Campaign begins with a launch meeting with your student group, where you will provide an overview of Pause Campaign, distribute devotionals, and prepare for the week away from social media. Your group members will work through the devotional individually each day, though we encourage groups to meet in the middle of the week to check in with one another, discuss the devotional, and pray. At the end of the week, your group will reconvene to debrief and determine next steps.

Who can lead Pause Campaign?

Adult leaders such as pastors, parents, teachers, ministry leaders, or students themselves can lead a group through Pause Campaign.

What types of students can participate in Pause Campaign?

Pause Campaign devotional content was designed to engage high school and college-aged students in caring well for waiting children.

When should I launch Pause Campaign?

Pause Campaign leaders decide the week they want to launch, or they can present a few date options students can use to decide which week works best according to their schedules. 

How much does it cost to lead a Pause Campaign?

There is no financial cost to leading a Pause Campaign in your community. Show Hope provides all the resources and materials needed to complete a successful campaign. 

What are the size requirements for Pause Campaign groups?

There are no size requirements for Pause Campaign groups. We encourage Pause Campaign leaders to focus less on the quantity of group members and focus more on the quality of the experience for each group member. For larger groups, leaders may want to break students up into smaller groups during discussion times, so every student has the opportunity to share if they wish.

How should I recruit my group members?

You can lead Pause Campaign for a preexisting group, such as a college ministry or youth group, or you can recruit students from your church, school, or friend groups by inviting them to join your campaign via word of mouth, social media posts, text messages, or any other preferred method of communication. We are happy to provide posters or brochures to help you cultivate interest in your campaign upon request.

What if my group can’t meet in person?

If your group is unable to meet in person, Show Hope will provide resources to support virtual facilitation of Pause Campaign through a PDF of the Pause Campaign devotional and Zoom video call meetings. 

What if my students are not active on social media?

Encourage students who do not use social media to consider stepping away from the thing or activity that is most likely to distract them from the week of Pause Campaign. You can suggest they take time away from video games, TV/streaming services, music/podcasts, or other forms of media that may consume their time.

What are the Next Steps following Pause Campaign?

Follow-up is not required but is strongly encouraged as a way to fellowship, grow together as a group, and respond to the call to care for orphans. Groups may create a prayer group that meets regularly to lift up the needs of waiting children, host a fundraiser for Show Hope’s Adoption Aid program, or come up with their own creative ways to serve children who have been orphaned.

How do I get started?

If you would like to lead a Pause Campaign group, email us at, and we will equip you with the resources and materials you will need to lead your group through Pause Campaign. We can’t wait to help you get started!

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