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July Spotlight: Ellis

July 18, 2018

Sweet Ellis lights up the room! We are smitten with this darling boy, and we’re thrilled to introduce you to him. Ellis is quick to smile, full of energy, and is bursting with spunk and charm. Ellis shows his strength and determination during physical therapy, and he grows stronger with each passing day. His nannies […]

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July Prayer Focus: Meet Stephen

July 2, 2018
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June Spotlight: Kiah

June 13, 2018
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Show Hope Wallpaper

June 12, 2018

Looking for a way to add a little extra hope to your day? We’ve created these phone screen backgrounds just for you! Click on your favorite design below to save.          

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“They light up my whole world.”

June 8, 2018

Before Shaohannah Hope Chapman heads into her first semester of college this fall, she has summer plans that may look a little different from many of her peers’—Shaoey has chosen to spend her summer volunteering at Maria’s Big House of Hope in Luoyang, China. This choice, during this special transitional season, not only marks a […]

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Most of All—Sweet

June 7, 2018

Hershey, Pa., is known as “The Sweetest Place on Earth,” but the legacy of candy tycoon Milton S. Hershey extends beyond one of the world’s largest chocolate factories. “Chocolatetown, USA” is also home to Penn State University’s Milton S. Hershey Medical Center. This medical center, and specifically its children’s hospital, has been a lifeline for […]

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June Prayer Focus: Meet Braden

May 30, 2018

Braden has one of those bright smiles and personalities that instantly cheers those around him, and we’re delighted to introduce you to him! Braden has a big heart full of love and it spills over onto his friends. He gives great hugs, and if he sees a friend who is sad, he is quick to […]

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May Spotlight: Joseph

May 15, 2018

When you walk into the Tinkerbell-themed nursery at Maria’s Big House of Hope, you will most likely be greeted by Joseph’s winning personality, big smile, and stellar dance moves! Joseph is a happy, lively little boy who keeps his nannies busy! He is 3 ½ years old and entered our care when he was 6 […]