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A Picture of God’s Never-Ending Love and Grace

By Shaoey Chapman

Hey guys! Shaoey here. This is Viviana. She is a little girl who I fell in love with this summer as I interned at Maria’s Big House of Hope in China. The first time I saw her, I looked into her eyes and saw Maria. Her eyes reminded me of her so much that I started to tear up. Then she reminded me of me. I was that little when I came home. My life began like hers. Viviana is a survivor. Despite her medical difficulties, Viviana exudes pure joy in all that she does. To me, she is a picture of God’s never-ending love and grace, and she is someone I will remember forever.

Now that I am home, I am heartbroken over what and who I have left behind, but I am also hopeful for what is to come. I miss Viviana so much, and I wish that it was God’s plan for her to be part of my family. But I know that he has a bigger plan for her and for me. It is so hard for me to leave Maria’s and trust that God is in control. I feel guilt and shame for leaving loved ones behind. But I have to trust that he knows something I don’t. I have to believe that his plan for me is bigger and better than the one I have for myself. I have to know that I’m going to return to Maria’s one day and hope that it will continue to stand there in Luoyang, a big blue building in a sea of gray. What a special place I get to call home. 

Shaoey signing off.

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