A Chinese New Year Celebration

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Chinese New Year, also known as the “Spring Festival,” is a traditional and widely celebrated holiday in China.

Streets and shops are adorned with colorful decorations. Firecrackers can be heard all across cities as people gather together for food and festivities. For the children and staff at Maria’s Big House of Hope, it’s a time to come together and enjoy an afternoon of fun.


Decorations of red and gold covered the ceiling and windows while the children enjoyed eating dumplings, a traditional New Year’s dish and one of their favorite treats. They loved coloring their own rooster to celebrate 2017, The Year of the Rooster, and everyone joined in to sing and play. They marched around with paper dragons, contagious laughter and sweet songs bouncing loudly off the walls.


We are blessed beyond measure to know and love these children, and we are so thankful for the opportunity to celebrate these special days with them. As Maria’s welcomes a new year, we ask for you to join us in continued prayers for each of the children here to know the love of a family through adoption.

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