• Guest Post: Love Never Fails

Guest Post: Love Never Fails

Anna Caudill and her husband Shane are the parents of FuXia and YoYo, both came home from China with the help of a Show Hope grant. Below, Anna shares about her family’s post-adoption journey […]

  • 15 Quotes About Parenthood

15 Quotes About Parenthood

  • October 17th, 2014

However your children come home to you, whether through birth or adoption, parenthood isn’t easy. It’s a blessing, it’s a privilege, and it’s hard. But you are not alone! There is an incredible community of parents out […]


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Anna Caudill and her husband, Shane, brought their sons home from China with the help of a Show Hope grant! On our blog today, Anna shares about her family's post-adoption journey and how God has invited them to a bigger conversation about love than they ever imagined.


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