Meet the Families

Every family’s adoption story is different.

And every family faces different challenges or barriers along the way. As our founders like to say, the adoption journey is “gloriously hard”.

Through Adoption Aid grants, Show Hope helps to break down one barrier in particular—the financial barrier. As you help make these grants possible through your giving, you can also follow the stories of a few of the families impacted and come alongside them in prayer.

Our Families

The Stephens

Jason and Rachel have traveled extensively, serving others through short-term trips. Their passion to be used by God, share the love of Christ, and pursue adventure, coupled with a longing for children, came together in 2016, when they adopted their son, Dominick (now 5), from Thailand. They have now received an Adoption Aid grant to help in the process of pursuing their second adoption from Thailand.

The Chasteens

After bringing home their daughter, Zoe, through adoption in 2014, Leigh and Jon’s hearts were stirred to become foster parents. After two years of providing foster care in their home, they felt the Lord leading them toward adoption. In January 2019, through the help of an Adoption Aid grant, the Chasteens welcomed home another daughter from China, Calynn Qian. Today, they continue the beautiful and challenging work of transitioning into a family of seven.

The Mauldins

Taylor and TJ both felt drawn to adoption long before meeting each other. Early in their marriage, they became foster parents. After this experience, they felt the Lord calling them to grow their family through intercountry adoption, specifically from India. In 2017, they welcomed home their son, Cameron, and now with the help of an Adoption Aid grant, they hope to soon welcome a second child from India.

The Fletchers

Over the past several years, Aimee and James have felt drawn to the people and culture of Central and South America, and now, with the help of an Adoption Aid grant, they are in the process of adopting a child from Colombia. Through the adoption process, their faith has grown stronger as they have learned more about God’s provision, timing, and faithfulness to fulfill his promises.

The Middletons

Justin and Meg always wanted a large family. After the birth of their son, Bennett, Meg received a diagnosis that would change the trajectory of how she and Justin thought about growing their family. As painful as news of the diagnosis was, both Meg and Justin felt that the call for them to adopt was real—with or without Meg’s diagnosis. And now, through the help of a Show Hope Adoption Aid grant, the Middletons are in the process of adopting from China. 

The Townsons

From the beginning of their marriage, Nathan and Jessica have discussed growing their family through adoption. Jessica worked for an adoption agency before getting married, and Nathan has always felt drawn to adoption. As they began to pray about starting their family, both Nathan and Jessica felt God leading them to adoption. Now, with the help of a Show Hope Adoption Aid grant, the Townsons are in the process of adopting from India and are eagerly awaiting the day they welcome their child home.