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Kara Capps (1)

Kara Capps

Coordinator of Programs

Kara lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, with her husband, Thomas, and their cat, Socks, and dog, Lucy. She is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University and has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a master’s in Management/Organizational Leadership. Kara’s heart for adoption comes from her personal story of being an adoptee. She was adopted from South Korea and deeply understands the joys and difficulties adoptees and adoptive families hold in their stories. She is passionate about adoption and caring for those who are vulnerable. God faithfully opened the door for Kara to work at Show Hope, and she is so excited to further God’s kingdom by serving adoptive families and caring for adoptees. In her free time, Kara loves to bake (fudge pie is her speciality!), spending time with her family and friends, finding treasures at thrift stores, or perusing the aisles at her favorite grocery store, Trader Joe’s

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