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It all started with 100 families

Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman dreamed of helping 100 children come home to the love, security, and permanency of a family through adoption.

Soon, 100 children became 500 children,
and then, 500 children became 1,000 children.

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And now today, that dream looks like nearly 8,900 children.

Yet the needs still remain the same, and the barriers to adoption only continue to grow.

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The goal of Show Hope’s Adoption Aid grants is to

fund 25% to 35% of the total costs associated with adoption

Until recently, our grants have ranged between $6,000 & $10,000 each.

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To meet rising adoption costs, that range is now between $8,000 & $12,000 each.

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In addition to the rising cost, Show Hope is seeing a

30% increase in Adoption Aid grant applications

compared to last year.

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As a result, we project being underfunded by more than $500,000 at our fiscal year end of June 30, 2024.

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But there is hope & help with you.

In this month of April, we humbly invite you to prayerfully consider joining us in raising $350,000 in Show Hope Adoption Aid grants.

With our grants ranging from $8,000 to $12,000 each, $350,000 would allow us to award some 35 families with the financial support needed to help welcome home their children. That is literally more than ONE child per day in the month of April.

Meet Families Impacted By Your Generosity

Romanini Family

God put it on our hearts to say ‘yes’ to adopt a child from Burundi more than five years ago. The costs have been overwhelming, but we have trusted that God would provide. This grant is a tangible way for us to continue to share his goodness and faithfulness in our adoption story. Your kindness and generosity matter in the life of orphans and in the work God is doing around the world!

Palmeri Family

Receiving a Show Hope Adoption Aid grant is an absolute answer to prayer! It reminds us of God's faithfulness … that we are not on this journey alone. To know that there are donors, sponsors, and supporters who make this adoption possible fills us with such immense gratitude. And not just for us but for so many other children and families.

Cageao Family

A Show Hope grant means that we can continue to walk through the adoption process with confidence. Adoption is often a long and lonely road of paperwork, classes, and waiting. Hearing that Show Hope was providing us with a grant not only provided financial relief but also reassured us that there are cheerleaders and champions of adoption all over.

Arnold Family

Show Hope is an instrument to bless our adoption path through God. We have been praying for his provision, and he used [Show Hope] to provide it. It is so encouraging to see the tangible blessing of God through Show Hope. It increased our faith, and we continue to trust God during this time. Because of your giving, we are now ready to receive a child.

Beans Family

Receiving this grant means so much more to us than I think we can adequately describe. Anyone who has gone through the adoption process knows just how incredibly expensive this process can be. Thank you for being a person who cares—for having enough empathy to give to families who you don’t even know.

Hester Family

When we received news of this grant, we were able to celebrate and praise God together as a family, as it was another tangible reminder to our children of how God answers prayer. So not only is this grant meaningful in its financial provision, but it is also meaningful in the way God used it to answer specific prayers of our family. It is a visible reminder of God's blessing and presence with us as we walk in faith in the adoption journey.

Johns Family

Receiving a Show Hope Adoption Aid grant is a huge blessing for our family. With all the stresses that come along with adoption, to know money doesn’t have to be one of them is such an answer to prayers! Our child’s future has been changed, and you helped make that happen.

Bangasser Family

Receiving the Show Hope Adoption grant meant the world to us. The international adoption process is a long and emotional journey. Receiving the grant came at the exact time we needed some encouragement and hope from the Lord to keep going and not give up. You are helping our dreams come true.

Deer Family

Words cannot describe how thankful our family is to be a recipient of a Show Hope grant. We’ve already seen the Lord work in huge ways through this process! When initially looking at the cost of international adoption, it can feel extremely overwhelming, but thanks to God and those who have given, the impossible becomes possible.

Tripp Family

Our family was floored when we received the Show Hope Adoption Aid grant! Thank you to everyone who made this possible for our family! Please continue this great work for more families!

Johnsen Family

In a long process that often feels lonely and unseen, receiving a Show Hope Adoption Aid grant has reminded us that the Lord sees us, and he is providing in our waiting. Tears fill our eyes as we consider your generosity to resource us in our adoption journey. You show us the heart of Christ. We pray that you will be refreshed deeply with the refreshment you have shown us (Proverbs 11:25).

Sparks Family

We want to say thank you to all of the donors and supporters for making this grant possible. Thank you for your generosity and heart for adoption. Through the waiting season we have been so blessed to be surrounded by friends and family praying for us and supporting us, we truly appreciate you being a part of our story.

Obed Family

Show Hope Adoption Aid grants are a tangible expression of God’s provision. Adoption is hard, and financial strain is certainly a part of that. To be able to see the Lord provide in unimaginable ways is such a faith-booster and a reminder that “he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6). We do not know the sacrifices you have made to help us obey God’s call to adopt, but we are thankful for your obedience to give.

Youngblood Family

What led us to apply for Show Hope’s Adoption Aid grant was the financial mountain that laid ahead of us. The final number on the adoption fee sheet can look intimidating and overwhelming, but we had to trust that we serve a God who always makes a way. The Show Hope Adoption Aid grant means to our family that God is faithful. When we step out in faith and obedience, he will provide every means possible to accomplish his work.

Garske Family

Through the adoption process, the big thing God has taught us is patience, really trusting in his plan and his timing. While it can seem hopeless, at times, in our human eyes, we know he is running the show. He is in control, even when we don’t feel like he is.

Puryear Family

This grant means we can adopt a child or children without debt! It means our child can come into a home that is financially stable. We are unbelievably grateful that [donors] are using the gifts God has given them to help children all over the world.

Ramage Family

With our first adoption, we had planned out exactly how we were going to pay for most of the expenses, but when God called us again, we had to step out in faith that the finances would be provided. When we received the approval letter for Show Hope, a huge burden was lifted off of us, and we knew that money would not stand in the way of bringing another precious child into our family.

Barbee Family

Raising money for adoption is time consuming and draining. To receive such a large sum all at once showed us that the Lord does indeed provide when you walk in step with him. We are so incredibly grateful for your contributions that have allowed us to bring our daughter home. We cannot express gratitude for allowing the Lord to work through you financially to support the Church!

Smith Family

The financial assistance Show Hope has offered will significantly alleviate the financial burden associated with the adoption process. Show Hope’s commitment to helping families like ours has not only made our dreams more attainable but has also eased the emotional and financial strain that has accompanied our adoption journey.

Noordmans Family

God has been growing our hearts and leading us faithfully down the road of adoption, but as a couple working in education and ministry, we were worried that our finances wouldn't be able to make this hope a reality for us. When we received news that we had received a Show Hope Adoption Aid grant, we were overwhelmed with relief and joy because it meant that we would be able not only adopt, but make it happen much sooner than we had anticipated.

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